Willistown United Methodist Church
Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Worship Schedule 
9:00 am Casual
10:30am Traditional
9:00 am Children's Sunday School
 9:00 am
Adult Sunday School
Fellowship time with drinks &
snacks before each service

Summer Sermon Series

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Pastor’s Sermon Series on “Roadblocks to Belief in Christianity.” Beginning on July 23, 2017, Pastor Jim will begin a series of sermons on the biggest obstacles/roadblocks/hang-ups people have today about Christianity. They come from an informal, unscientific survey conducted by Peter Enns on his blog. There are five categories of responses Enns received about things that “turn people off to the faith.”  Pastor Jim may add an additional one, on human sexuality, but this list lasts through August. The Pastor will address the following statements that people made on his blog,

7/23 – 1 John 4:7-12 – “The Bible portrays God as violent, reactive, vengeful, bloodthirsty, immoral, mean and petty.”


7/30 – Genesis 1:1-5 – “The Bible and science collide on too many things to think that the Bible has anything to say to us today about the big questions of life.”


8/6 – Pastor away.


8/13 – Psalm 121 – “In the face of injustice and heinous suffering in the world, God seems disinterested or perhaps unable to do anything about it.”


8/20 – John 14:5-7 – “In our ever-shrinking world, it is very difficult to hold onto any notion that Christianity is the only path to God.”


8/27 – Matthew 5:38-48 – “Christians treat each other so badly and in such harmful ways that it calls into question the validity of Christianity, or even whether God exists.”